illustration portfolio

Combining sketches & illustrations with a twist...

Samples of my Illustrative design work are featured below.
From commercial based designs, through to self-initiated illustrated projects.

illustration portfolio


Primary school poster designs.

The series of Posters were aimed at young
school pupils to engage & understand
computers and raise awareness to the brand.

digital illustration

Four Seasons

Digital illustration ideas.

Exploring collage & nature around
seasonal changes. With a selective
colour palette for each season.

graphic design art

Iconic Stencils

Retro stencil icons.

A self-initiated project that combines stencils
unusual colours. My aim was
to explore famous characters,
celebrity and fame.

creative illustration

Wedding Stationery

Creative illustration Wedding ideas.

Designed to work across all wedding
stationery. Combining mixed media
flowers and a precise colour palette.

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Clients worked with...

Virgin Media Business Radisson Blu The Telegraph Smart Albums The Cinnamon Club Pfizer Virgin Media Virgin Media Fundy Designer Virgin Media Design AGlow Virgin Media