About me & inspirations...

I Love to design!

Creating design solutions that suit
the brief or project is what I live for.
From initial ideas to the
finished article...


I would say I'm an enthusiastic designer with a visual mind that reflects in my designs.
I am constantly ticking over with ideas and inspiration for new and exciting future
projects. The future is bright!

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My Journey so far...

Having graduated in Coventry
university some time ago, I have honed
my graphic & software skills to create
better designs for a range of sectors.


I see myself as an all-rounder now, having worked for both top agencies and various
in-house roles. I have developed my web
& print work that have inspired me to
create designs that work across all media.

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Web design

Check out my design folio...

website design


Designing in a web environment is
constantly shifting & evolving...

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print and design


I have acres of experience in print design,
from a range of campaigns...

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graphic design services


Media & technology enhances the
design experience for users...

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Clients worked with...

Virgin Media Business Radisson Blu The Telegraph Smart Albums The Cinnamon Club Pfizer Virgin Media Virgin Media Fundy Designer Virgin Media Design AGlow Virgin Media